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Call for Nomination – “India ITME Society Awards 2022”

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings & good wishes from the India ITME Society!

It is my pleasure to present the 2nd edition of India ITME Society awards 2022 and invite you to submit your nominations in appropriate category for the competition.

India International Textile Machinery Exhibitions Society (India ITME Society) is a non-profit apex industry body established in 1980 to support and serve the Textile Engineering Industry through exhibitions, Events, Trade Promotion Services. India ITME Society plays a pivotal role in strengthening the domestic as well as international Textile Industry by facilitating exchange of knowledge, technology transfer & encourages Foreign Direct Investments & Joint Ventures etc. in India.

India ITME Society introduced the 1st edition to commemorate successful completion of 40 years servicing the textile & textile engineering industry in the year 2019. To know about the awards presented in 1st edition and more information on the program, please follow the link

The 2nd Edition of India ITME Society awards will be presented during India ITME 2022 – The biggest textile engineering & technology event in India scheduled to take place from 8th to 13th December 2022 at India Exposition Mart Ltd, Greater Noida, U.P.

These awards are a humble attempt by the India ITME society to recognize the exceptional & significant contributions that have influenced positive change in the textile world. The aim is to give due credit to textile engineering & technology providers. This award will also aid to recognize, encourage & empower women to come forward & make their mark in the highly competitive textile engineering & technology segment.

The society also believes that the young minds of todays are the future of our Textiles, thus in order to encourage & attract more youth towards research in textiles & textile engineering, the society will also recognize innovative researchers from Technical Institutes along with their faculty.

In this 2nd Edition, we have added new categories, which are as follows:

  1. Category 1 - Award for -Overall Best Performer in Engineering Industry presented in 8 Specific categories
    • Ginning - Engineering & Technology Industry
    • Spinning -Engineering & Technology Industry
    • Weaving & weaving preparatory -Engineering & Technology Industry
    • Finishing -Engineering & Technology Industry
    • Garmenting - Engineering & Technology Industry
    • Printing – Engineering & Technology Industry
    • Accessories for Textiles - Engineering & Technology Industry
    • Technical Textiles - Engineering & Technology Industry

  2. Category 2 - Award for - Best Innovative Technology for Pollution Control
  3. Category 3 -Women Leadership Award in Textile & Textile Engineering
  4. Category 4 -Award for Research Excellence (Student/ Student + Faculty / Student + Faculty+ Institute)
  5. Category 5 - Special Category - Textile Mastero (Industry/ Jury Recommendation)

Please click here to submit your application. You can submit the application for multiple Categories. Please feel free to contact us in case of any queries at . The last date for submission of application is 23rd September 2022.

I look forward to your nomination across the suitable categories & wish you the best in your successful journey in Textile industry of our great nation.

Thank you and Regards,

Seema Srivastava
Executive Director
India ITME Society

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