Africa’s largest business event to be held in Ethiopia – ITME Africa 2020

India ITME Society is proud to present their ‘first of its kind’ mega exhibition – ITME Africa 2020 to be held at Millennium Hall, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 14th to 16th February 2020. With a motto of “Prosperity for Africa through Textile Technology”, ‘ITME AFRICA 2020’ is all set to act as a catalyst and be the pivot for eco-development, employment generation, thus heralding prosperity to the continent.

Known for its successful exhibitions namely India ITME Series and GTTES along with many other ambitious initiatives towards the progress of the Textile Technology industry, India ITME Society is soaring higher to further its dreams, commitment and legacy with ITME Africa 2020. This mega event shall offer access to new markets & new business opportunities, new customers & manufacturers, sourcing solution, end to end solutions for textiles, technology & engineering, tax incentives & government support for business, Scope for Joint ventures & investments, international exposure & networking, access to finance & Liaoning and competitive price across Africa.

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With over 15 exhibiting countries (India, Ethiopia, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Turkey, Germany, Taiwan, China, Switzerland, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, Kenya & Ghana) and 5 country pavilions (EEPC, SWISSMEM, CHINA, TEMSAD & ITA), ITME Africa 2020 is the most promising opportunity for businesses worldwide to explore the African market. For Ethiopia, this event shall attract many foreign events & foreign participation and bringing buyers to the country; act as a catalyst for social & economic development in multi-sector – i.e. airline, shipping & logistics, travel & tourism, hospitality, transportation, catering, advertisement, media and telecom industry; generate temporary employment for both skilled and unskilled labour segment; open new career options for the youth in new services & encourage new business opportunities; push exports i.e. Gems/diamond, Textile, pharma & chemical, oil & gas, power, chemical, auto and many more; push social & economic development industries like airline, shipping & logistics, tourism, hospitality, advertisement etc.

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